Rudi Vranckx takes two fascinating Flemish celebrities to 'his' war every week.

With Joris Hessels and Dominique Van Malder (Radio Gaga) he travels to Iraq, with actress Katrien De Ruysscher (Home) and actor Geert Van Rampelberg (Salamander) to Somalia, and with Radio 2 presenter Cathérine Vandoorne (De Madammen) and entrepreneur Wouter Torfs to Afghanistan. 




Together with Rudi Vranckx they immerse themselves in the stories of ordinary people in war conditions. The images of war are recognizable for Rudi as a journalist after all these years. But how do you look at those same images and stories when you see them with your own eyes for the first time, when you personally get to know the people who have to build their lives on the rubble between war and life? It will not only be a confrontational journey for the guests, but also for Rudi. What does war do to ordinary people? And how do the stories reach two people who have never before been able to feel, taste and smell so closely what goes on between war and life?