Warner Bros International Television Production Belgium is part of WarnerMedia, the largest media player in the world. 

WBITVP Belgium is a creative and talented company that develops, produces and distributes content for our local Belgian market in all major genres: Studio Entertainment, docu, reality and realistic fiction.

WBITVP Belgium produces programmes for both Dutch and French-speaking public and commercial channels. International formats are also translated to the Belgian market. 

Our productions vary from studio shows such as "Sorry For Everything", "Little Big Shots", "Can Anyone Still Follow" and "Het Zijn Net Mensen" to recognisable reality programmes such as "Met Vier In Bed", "Temptation Island", "Op Weg Met Jan" and "La famille à remonter le temps". In the docu genre we distinguish ourselves with titles like "Blood, Sweat & Luxury Problems", "On One", "Back to Home" and "Allah in Europe".

With "D5R" and "Thirties" we are also active in the world of realistic fiction. 

Meet the team