In September, the First Dates restaurant reopens its doors, following the familiar recipe but with some fresh new additions to the menu.

The location has undergone a complete restyling, transforming into a cozy bistro where daters still get to know each other in an informal setting over good food and drinks.

Bartender Bram and floor staff Leena, Katelen, and Ferdy are back to serve the daters and ease the nerves. This season, they are joined by newcomer Gingia, an experienced hospitality professional with a passion for love.

However, love isn't the only thing blossoming this season. For the first time, First Dates will welcome guests who aren't seeking romantic relationships but are looking for friendships. Whether it's someone to talk to, a kindred spirit, a sports or culture buddy, a companion, or a new best friend, it leads to different combinations, different conversations, and new turns. Sparks or friendship—anything is possible in this new season of First Dates.